Winter Plant Care

Answers to your winter plant care questions Have you ever wondered how to properly care for your posies in the winter? How about dealing with troublesome mums in the colder months? Watch the video below for tips on all that as well as expert insights on planting bulbs in the winter.

How to Create a Terrarium

Simple all-season terrariums you will love Terrariums are a fun, time-tested way to keep plants indoors. However, some may think they are too complicated to make, or take too much time. No problem! If you do not have space for the garden of your dreams, an amazing, custom terrarium in your home might be the […]

Spring Garden Preps

Planning ahead for your spring garden A beautiful Spring garden requires planning to pull off, and what better time to plan than the cold winter months? Forget the recent cold weather, and watch the video below to gain expert gardening tips on prepping your garden for Spring!