Organic Spring Gardening Solutions

Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

Founder and President of Thomas Landscapes. Certified professional horticulturist and Master Gardener, a member of the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association, and a member in good standing of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Organic tools to spring into spring

Feeling like you could use some spring gardening help? Don’t worry, today we have a multitude of organic garden supplies that your plants will thank you for!

With fertilizers, it is always important to ensure you are applying the right supplies at the right time. Sometimes, gloomy, rainy weather can create the perfect conditions for your plants. This is because this type of soil will absorb more of your organic fertilizer than dry, hard soil.

If you are looking for some items that are water soluble and fast-working, we have you covered! Organic sea kelp and fish emulsion fertilizers can be used in tandem, and to great effect. Even better, you will see great results in almost no time.

A nice, rich compost, lime, and bone meal are other ways you can ensure your garden is ready for spring.

Having problems with weeds? No worries. Preen has an excellent (and organic!) weed preventer that will do your garden wonders. Who said that you need to hurt the environment to keep those pesky weeds out of your beautiful garden?

We cover all that and so much more in the video below, so watch it today. Happy gardening!

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