Fall Planting and Maintenance

In this Washington, D.C. urban gardening workshop I discuss a slew of things one can do in the summer in preparation for a successful fall harvest. We also go over some key ways to extend your growing season so that you can get the most out of late summer. As always, we also touch on […]

Urban Gardening: Gardening’s Important Role in Healthy Communities

Gardening is an amazing way to grow food that is healthy and delicious. It’s also a great way to connect with friends and family while getting some sun and exercise. However, people rarely consider the role of gardens in growing healthy, thriving communities. Indeed, urban gardens can be hotbeds of community empowerment, from the financial […]

Fall Harvest & Planting

I recently joined my colleagues from the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum for a webinar on how to best tend your urban garden in the fall. I talk about harvesting, planting, improving your garden’s soil, and much more. I also answer questions from garden enthusiasts tuning in live. It is a privilege to share my knowledge and passion […]

The Late Summer Garden

I recently joined my colleagues from the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum for an hour-long webinar on how to help your garden thrive in the late-summer months. This video is packed with helpful tips on caring for and harvesting all types of vegetables. I was really pleased to be able to field a lot of great […]

Pro Herb Garden Tips

It’s the time of year when fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant. So why not serve up your meals with some herbs as fresh as the foods they complement with a summer herb garden? Herb gardens are great for beginner gardeners and garden gurus, alike. Tired of running to the grocery store each time you […]

Gardening & “The New Normal”

I recently joined my colleagues from the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum to discuss the pleasures and challenges of tending a garden, as well as the importance of spending some time outdoors during the “new normal” presented by COVID-19. If you find the discussion interesting, please leave a like on the video and subscribe to my […]

Summer Garden Prep

Plants don’t like it when temperatures shift from winter’s cold , to spring’s warmth, to summer’s heat, and then back again in a short time. Unfortunately, such weather patterns are something we all experience living in Washington, D.C. That’s why we’re sharing some summer garden prep tips that can be really helpful for when temperatures […]

A Message from Thomas Landscapes

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are taking the health and safety of our staff, their families, our valued customers, and our local community seriously.  As an open-air business, we are fortunate to continue our day to day operations, with a few modifications to our regular procedures. Based on the current CDC and […]

Organic Spring Gardening Solutions

Organic tools to spring into spring Feeling like you could use some spring gardening help? Don’t worry, today we have a multitude of organic garden supplies that your plants will thank you for! With fertilizers, it is always important to ensure you are applying the right supplies at the right time. Sometimes, gloomy, rainy weather […]

Essential Spring Gardening Tools

Every gardener has those special tools of the trade that he or she believes makes all the difference. Today, I’ll give some recommendations of tools I use to help make glorious gardens. Essential tools for your spring garden I will start off with a book recommendation that will give you many gardening ideas to inspire you […]