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Custom fencing and carpentry creations in the DC metro area

Thomas Landscapes produces custom fabricated fencing designed to enhance, protect and beautify your environment

Lattice wooden fence

Our Designs:


Picket Fence

A staple of suburban design for many, this iconic fencing option is characterized by evenly spaced vertical boards, or pickets, attached to horizontal rails.


A style of fence that looks good on both sides. While adding privacy, it allows one to peer through for a limited view of what’s on the other side.


A board-by-board fence utilizes a system of posts and rails, just as a picket fence does. Fence boards are mounted on both sides of the rails, leaving wide gaps between them. The boards are alternated so they cover the gaps between the boards on the opposite side.

Board-by-board fences are known for both their durability and lasting privacy, with an identical appearance on either side of the fence.

Board on Board

A board on board fence is a fence that consists of central wood posts with fencing panels flanking both sides. Known to add an aesthetic touch, board on board fences also offer greater privacy than the above fencing options.

Georgetown Arch

Iconic scalloped-style fence where the posts are the highest element. Arches run from post to post in an inverted pattern.


Thomas Landscapes offers many carpentry options, including:

  • Outdoor carports
  • Outdoor garages
  • Gates
  • Sun rooms
  • Enclosed Porches
  • Pool Rooms
  • Decking
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Archways
  • and more!

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