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Our Tree Care Philosophy:

Tree Care Services


Trimming not only improves the overall look for your landscape, but also the overall health. Besides providing a clean, stylish look to trees, trimming can negate dense growths that block much-needed sunlight and moisture from reaching your landscape.


When done properly, pruning a tree encourages strong growth, improves the health of a tree, and adds to the beauty of both the tree and the yard surrounding it. Pruning at the right time, and with an expert touch is absolutely critical, as it is possible to kill a healthy tree if care is not taken to prune correctly.

Tree Removal

Some trees are difficult or dangerous to remove yourself and can cause property damage or, even worse, injury. In these instances, it is best to trust an expert that is both fully-insured and professional. Is a problematic tree getting in the way of your landscape’s functionality or beauty? You can trust Thomas Landscapes to remove it the right way.

Stump Grinding

Removing a stump from your yard can be an incredibly difficult task. Typically, the visible portion of the stump is roughly only 25% of what lies underground.  At Thomas Landscapes, we seek to grind down the stump while minimizing damage to your landscape so that a beautiful, healthy lawn can flourish where the unsightly stump once was.

Comprehensive Tree Care

Maintain the health of your trees by preventing harmful pests and diseases while encouraging beneficial organisms to flourish. 

In our landscapes, trees compete with other plants for their nutrients. Fallen leaves and other organic matter that can provide nutrients for trees are routinely removed for aesthetic purposes. 

Comprehensive tree care can improve the health, longevity, and overall beauty of your trees.

Tree Installation

Picking the right tree for your location (and the perfect location for your tree) is not an easy task. We will help evaluate all conditions to ensure that your tree and surrounding landscape complement each other perfectly.

Expertly planned trees have many benefits, including:

  • Lower your energy costs
  • Keep yard cooler in warmer months
  • Enhance property value and curb appeal of your residence
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