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Although winters in D.C. are cold enough to keep many homeowners far away from their outdoor patio, there is plenty of beautiful weather in spring, fall, and summer to enjoy outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and tranquil relaxation next to your patio garden.

With over 20 years of experience providing patio design and installation in the district, Thomas Landscapes provides a customized service from planning to execution. Whether your existing patio is showing its age or you’d like to install a brand new patio to love for years to come, Thomas Landscapes is thrilled to help your dreams come true.

Patio Styles


A traditional brick patio is sure to exude rustic beauty and age gracefully on your property. A classic choice for those seeking durability and charm, brick patios hold up well to extreme weather and afford homeowners plenty of options in terms of design, color, pattern, and more. A well-executed brick patio is also likely to increase your property value.


Stone patios leverage an unlimited number of natural colors to stunning effect, cultivating a distinguished yet classic appeal that pairs well with a myriad of surrounding elements, including iron fencing, carpentry, and, of course, a stunning garden. Stone is also an optimal choice for those seeking a patio that can withstand the elements.


A patio made out of porcelain or ceramic tiles is easy to clean and maintain, but offers a lot of creative freedom to homeowners who wish for their patio to stand out. Non-porous porcelain doesn’t need to be sealed, so extreme winter weather is unlikely to prematurely age your patio with damaging cracks caused by water penetration. Tile patios also provide an elegant backdrop for a custom pergola or patio garden.


Concrete pavers are often a budget-friendly solution for homeowners allured by the beauty of brick or stone patios, but turned away by the price tag. They offer much in terms of durability and customization, so you are likely to find a style that perfectly complements your home and its surrounding landscape.

Poured Concrete

This material is excellent for homeowners seeking durability and customization. Concrete can be poured in a plethora of colors and shapes, creating a one-of-a-kind space for springtime gatherings and daily relaxation.

Why invest in an outdoor patio space for my Washington, D.C. home?

Of course, installing or renovating your patio represents a considerable investment for most homeowners. If you are wondering if such a project will be worth it in the end, consider the various benefits of crafting the perfect patio:

Patios offer a wealth of opportunities

Think of a custom-made patio as a blank canvas that complements all your favorite outdoor activities. Social homeowners may opt to install a grill or outdoor bar or kitchen for unforgettable weekend gatherings. On the other hand, a patio also gives you the perfect place on your property to install a hammock and bird feeder so you can relax in the district’s gorgeous spring weather and enjoy nature as it visits your patio and garden.

Expands your property

In the vast majority of cases, it’s easier (and more affordable) to expand your home outside its walls than to undertake a pricey addition. As such, upgrading a home’s patio is an excellent way to create functional space without a major renovation.

Boosts property value

Let’s face it, most homebuyers seek a space that affords ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Thus, it’s no surprise that a well-planned patio can generate lots of interest from buyers, as well as command a higher selling price.

Customization options

A plain, barren patio may be right for some people, but most Washington, D.C. residents choose to customize their patio to cater to their unique lifestyle. Thankfully, Thomas Landscapes offers plenty of options. Whether you wish to integrate a garden or opt for installations such as a pergola or gazebo, we’ll help you plan the perfect addition to your property.

Patio garden

Not every patio requires a beautiful garden flanking it, but it’s hard to say no to the color, character, and wildlife that a well-planned garden will bring. Whether you plan to grow vegetables or simply admire the beauty of your favorite plants, Thomas Landscapes has the experience and expertise to turn your dream patio garden into reality.

Outdoor kitchen or bar

Perfect for homeowners who spend a great deal of time outdoors and love to entertain on their patio. Implement a grill, countertops, lighting, and a seating area for endless outdoor fun.

Custom pergolas and gazebos

Summers in Washington, D.C. can be brutal, so installing some shade makes sense for homeowners who wish to use their patio as much as possible. These wood structures exude natural beauty and can even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio.

Outdoor Fireplace

Extend the functionality of your custom patio throughout the colder months with an outdoor fireplace. These can be as utilitarian or sleek as you wish, offering style and warmth to homeowners and guests.

Custom lighting

Beautifully illuminate your patio and garden with energy-efficient lighting options tailor-made to enhance your space.

Custom flooring

Mix and match durable materials like brick, concrete, stone, and tile for a one-of-a-kind design.

Custom Fencing and carpentry

From privacy screens to rustic wrought iron fences, there are many additions that can enhance the time you spend on your patio.

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